Summertime Outdoor Tai Chi Practice
Treat your body to the delight of summer with an outdoor practice of the slow meditative movement of the 64 posture Yang style Tai Chi Chuan form. Newcomers and experienced practitioners alike will experience a lift in spirits as they tackle the basics of a solid foundation and form. Build your strength and balance while grounding in nature and opening your horizons. Spend an hour outside each Saturday connecting deeply with yourself and the world around you. Release your tension, soften and explore balance, breath and beauty.

Join in and learn with us. Help us build a community where we thrive in the health of the whole being sharing connections with our earth.

Sas Stark - Instructor
Sas Stark has studied Tai Chi at the Tai Chi Center of Chicago since 1996, has been an assistant instructor under the tutelage of Shifu Elizabeth Wenscott and has attained the distinction of Tai Chi Master Instructor. Outdoor Tai Chi practice will take place within the Northcenter Neighborhood. Hour long practice sessions will including warm-up exercises and a Yang style 64 postured Tai Chi form. Outdoor Tai Chi is - weather permitting - on Saturday mornings at 9 AM.

Raised in the West, Sas brings a deep respect for nature and a wide open mental & physical approach to the study of Tai Chi. Her study has been slow and evolutionary, overcoming obstacles to emerge as a student deeply rooted in health, martial arts and the intrinsic beauty of the physical Tai Chi form. Sas has studied multiple forms with Elizabeth Wenscott and Grandmaster Hsu Fun-yuen and is near completion in her advanced studies learning over 15 forms, weapons, and applications. Sas has laid groundwork and built her base by traveling extensively, loving and living in the great outdoors and hashing it out in the advertising world as an art and creative director for the last 25 years. She has a passion for great food, great company and great fun.
Outdoor Tai Chi Program

If you are interested in attending Saturday morning practice sessions send Sas an email with your name and cellphone number so that you can be contacted with location and any changes due to the weather.

Also, if you would like to be notified via newsletter of other Outdoor Tai Chi Special Events please fill out the below fields.

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